The PlayStation Classic made by Sony is both very easy and very hard to mod. But now True Blue Mini can help us to hack the PlayStation Classic in One step. It supports you to play over 50 or over 100 Free PS games on the PC Classic console.


Is Playstation Classic Hackable?


Yes, The Playstation Classic can be hacked. Apart from your Windows PC, there really are only two things you need to mod your PlayStation Classic. You will need a USB flash drive and the PlayStation Classic itself. Everything you need to do is done on those three things.

The PlayStation Classic is a bit of a contradiction. Some of the things Sony has done are great — the controllers being standard USB ports is an excellent choice, and making the disk tray button actually open the virtual disks is a beautiful touch — but the game library leaves a lot to be desired. Happily, Sony also left a lot of backdoors to allow the modding community to help us load any games we want onto it anyway.


How many ways to hack Playstation Classic?


While the PlayStation Classic does have some great games, Final Fantasy VII springs to mind, it is also lacking a lot of the fan favorites. The Tony Hawks Pro Skater series was among the top picks for a lot of fans of the original PlayStation but never made it onto the Classic. Thankfully, we have a lot of dedicated people out there, like the True Blue Mini team, who found a way to hack game images onto a USB thumb drive and run them on the Classic.

For hacking PlayStation Classic, we have to Mention the two famous hacker Teams, True Blue Mini and BleemSync team. The hack is extremely simple with very little risk. You should be able to this with just a modicum of computer know-how. You will need to pick up a USB flash drive like this one to make it work, and you can not only play the original 20 games but also can play 58-101 games which have preloaded in True Blue Mini.



Which is the best Playstation Classic hack?


The best part of this hack though is how simple it is to restore your original console. Once you safely remove the flash drive the Classic returns to its original setup. The full how-to can be found below.

The Steps to use BleemSync, more detailed information you can check here.


1. To get started you’ll need to head to GitHub and download BleemSync

2. Download the ZIP file and extract the contents to the root location of a FAT32 or ext4-formatted USB drive plugged into your PC or Mac.


3. Name the flash drive “SONY” - this is a requirement.

4. In the same root directory you extracted the ZIP file into, you’ll need to create a folder labelled “Games”

5. Inside here you need to create a folder for each game you'll like to add to the system. Each folder needs to be numbered sequentially. Each of these folders also need to contain a “GameData” folder with a “Game.ini” file, cover art image, “pcsx.cfg” file and the game’s “bin” and “cue” files.


6. More specific details on the nitty-gritty of how to format files and where to find them is outlined in the GitHub page, so make sure to read through that carefully. It also outlines how to install multi-disc games too.

7. Once done you can then go into the BleemSync directory and run BleemSync.exe. This generates a “System” folder containing a database and script to help mount the games.

8. Insert the flash drive into your PlayStation Classic and turn it on, the new games should be on display.

9. Make sure to not remove the Flash Drive while playing or while the unit is in use.


Which one is the best playstation hacking ways?


  True Blue Mini BleemSync
Features Playstation Flashcard Software
Pre-load Games 58-101 Games No
Installation Easy, One Step Difficult, Need to download more
Official site


BleemSync is difficult and not suit for new players, if you're the fist time to hack Playstation Classic, we will recommend True Blue Mini to you, it's Plug& Play, no need more steps. Here we will show the Simple guide.


How to use True Blue Mini to hack Playstation Classic Mini?


The PlayStation Classic console is only pre-loaded 20 games and doesn’t support more roms or cartridges without hacking. So Playstation scene team True Blue produces this latest hacking tool for the PlayStation Classic. It’s just a USB Dongle comes with a USB hub, by simply inserting it into the USB controller port of your console, you can get 58+20 or 101+20 most popular PS1 games to play. The USB hub which is a free gift of True Blue Mini even support you use multiple controllers on PSX classic machine.

For short, True Blue Mini is the original PlayStation Classic game enhancer. It’s Plug & Plays compatibility with your console– for any region, at any time. It’s currently available in 3 separate packs, 2 of which include 101 games each with a 3rd one specialized in fight games that contain 58 PSX classics, you add months of gameplay your PSX Classic console.

True Blue Mini is a Plug & Play solution, no installation process, anyone can use it in seconds. The games will simply appear in your PlayStation Classic menu. This USB key or dongle will allow you to enjoy many hours of play on your PlayStation Classic.


1. Buy True Blue Mini form official reseller

2. Insert True Blue Mini USB Drive and connect with your PlayStation Classic.

3. Wait in second, The games will simply appear in your PlayStation Classic menu.

4. Enjoy games。



Playstation Classic hack Games List


Battle Arena Toshinden

Battle Arena Toshinden 2

Battle Arena Toshinden 3

Bio F.R.E.A.K.S

Bloody Roar

Bloody Roar II

Bushido Blade

Bushido Blade 2

Criticom – Critical Combat

Darkstalkers – The Night Warriors

Darkstalkers 3

Dead or Alive


Digimon Rumble Arena

Dragon Ball Z – Ultimate Battle 22

Fatal Fury Wild Ambition

Guilty Gear

Gundam Battle Assault

Gundam Battle Assault 2

Jojos Bizarre Adventure

K-1 Grand Prix

K-1 Revenge

K-1 The Arena Fighters

King of Fighters 99

Knockout Kings

More free PS game list, please check the True Blue Mini official site


Where to download Playstation Games?


Here we collect some rom sites to downlaod playstation games, these site have shared so many classic and newest PS games.


And the download stpes are easy:


1. register on game rom site.

2. choose Playstation ROM Category

3. find the game name, and download the game resource.

4. Enjoy game roms on your Playstation Classic.