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R4s Dongle(for Switch 9.2.0)-R4s usb dongle works as the plug and play solution to inject the necessary RCM payload to boot into custom firmware on the Nintendo Switch. Support PayPal, Visa, and credit card payment, fast delivery to Worldwide.

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The R4s dongle we sell is the cheapest payload injector for Nintendo Switch console users like you, it's compatible with any firmware version, any Switch cfws(SX OS, REINX, ATMOSPHERE), contains a usb cable, a usb dongle and a RCM jig to crack your Switch.

Use R4s dongle to install CFW to Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy Switch Backups, Roms, Emulators and Hombrews for free.


R4s dongle firmware and sd files


R4s dongle firmware v2.5

Download here, updated in 2019-03-03


  1. Adding a GUI payload launcher - ArgonNX

ArgonNX SD-files V0.3

Download here, updated in 2019-03-03

Includes the following CFW with custom logos:

  • Hekate
  • ReiNX
  • Atmosphere
  • SXOS(You need to have an os license code)

r4s dongle work with sx os, reinx and atmosphere

How to use r4s dongle?


1. Extract SD files to your Nintendo Switch' microSD card.

exFAT is recommended and then download SD files such as Atmosphere, ReiNX or SX OS even all in one.

2. Insert R4S dongle and tool into your Nintendo Switch.

The R4s dongle goes in the charger pirt, the tool in the right joycon rail.

3. Hold valume-up and press the power button, ragonNX menu should be displayed.

You can choose your favourite CFW than remove the R4s dongle and tool once CFW starts

4. Enjoy the latest games and homebrew!

A more comprehensive guide can be found here.

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free shipping 12 days delivery

I chose the free shipping method because it is the most economical.

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The R4S Dongle is quite economical, I use it with SX OS

The R4S Dongle is quite economical, I use it with SX OS

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can play switch games well

The work is amazing and I will introduce my friend to your store to buy again. Thank you

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Good reseller, so fast shipping

You're a serious site, you really ship it to mw within 3 days, so fast!! I like your site, will come soon buy another card

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Great experience

Prompt communication with any concerns or questions. delivered very fast as promised. Even the r4s dongle itself is easy to set up and run.

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