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Xecuter SX OS-The best Switch CFW to use on your console for Free games and Homebrews.

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  • No SD card
  • 8GB SD Card
  • 16 GB SD Card
  • 32 GB SD Card
  • 64 GB SD Card
  • 128GB SD Card-16 Games
  • 200GB SD Card-25 Games
  • 256GB SD Card-35 Games
  • Rcm Loader & SX OS
  • 512GB SD Card-50Games

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Xecuter SX OS-The best Switch CFW to use on your console for Free games and Homebrews.

Team Xecuter creates the SX OS CFW for Nintendo Switch, it supports functions including gamecard rom loading, homebrews, emunand, cheat code, stealth mode, external usb hdd and so on. It's just a 12 digits code which should be type to your Switch, for using it to boot OS CFW, you still have to get a Joycon jig and a RCMloader, for short, it can't work alone.

N.B: Because SX OS license is special, once we send the sx os to you via mail, we don't accept refund.

Discount: If you need one switch dongle, you can buy the RCM Loader, now buy sx os +RCM Loader can provide 4$ discount

Shipping isn't needed for SX OS license, once you buy it and payment accepted, we will Email you the os code immediately. If you want to receive the OS License without waiting, please use our Selly link here, buy OS Code there use the Paypal payment, Selly.gg will email you the SX OS code in 5 minutes.


SX OS News and Updates


SX OS v2.6.1 BETA Announcement(7.0.1 Compatibility)-on Mar 18, 2019

SX OS v2.6 BETA Announcement(7.0.1 Compatibility)-on Mar 17, 2019

SX OS v2.5.3 'STABLE' Announcement(7.0.1 Compatibility)-on Jan 31, 2019


SX OS Tutorial


Download SX OS SX OS Guides
Latest SX OS Beta 2.6.1 English version
French version
German version
Latest SX OS Stable 2.5.3 Spanish version
Italian version
Korean version


Note: How to use Paypal to buy SX OS? Just follow the above description with Selly Link, if you have any question, welcome to email us [email protected]

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so fast recieve my sx os license

I really like your guys support PayPal, so fast receive sx os code via my mail, I have download sx os manual from Team Xecuter and hacked my switch, everything works, ncie

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Send the sx os to my mail.

Hey, please check my payment, it's succeed, and send the sx os license to my mail.

Reply: Ok, No problem

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I have paid via Selly link

Hey, I have paid the order on your Selly link, and get my sx os key, please concel my failed orders on your site, thanks

Reply: Ok, we have done.

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Receive sx os license with mail

Thanks for your PayPal guide, really received my sx os license with mail, you really perfect, recommend you, 5 stars

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