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RCMloader One(For Switch 9.2.0 Firmware) for NS Switch RCM Payload Dongle Atmosphere ReiNX SXOS Loader. Support Visa, PayPal, and other credit card payment, you can contact [email protected] to get the help.

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  • No SD card
  • 8GB SD Card
  • 16 GB SD Card
  • 32 GB SD Card
  • 64 GB SD Card
  • 128GB SD Card-16 Games
  • 200GB SD Card-25 Games
  • 256GB SD Card-35 Games
  • Rcm Loader & SX OS
  • 512GB SD Card-50Games

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RCMloader One for NS Switch RCM Payload Dongle Atmosphere ReiNX SX OS Loader. Support Visa, Master, and other credit card payment, We support free shipping to worldwide.

RCM Loader + Atmosphere/SX OS can hack Nintendo Switch 9.2.0!!!!

Plus: If you a new hacker, recommend you choose Xecuter SX Pro

Notice: Buy RCM Loader One with our Pre-loaded SD Cards, you can have Games directly in hand, the full Game List can be found here.



Basic Usage:


How to show current payload:

Click the button + to show the current payload (LED flash twice).

How to change build-in payload :

Hold the button + to jump to the next payload (LED flash 4 times).

Low battery prompt:

When the battery is low, the LED will flash red and green after the button + is pressed.

Replace/update the payload steps:

1 Connect RCMloader to the computer by MicroUSB cable.

2 After the computer automatically recognizes the RCMloader as a USB flash disk, copy the payload.bin file to the corresponding folder to replace the payload.

The payload file MUST rename as payload.bin


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Work with sx os will better

I need sx os, RCM Loader just delivered, I will place the sx os order soon

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work with sx os to hack my switch

I just found out that my console is not patched. Luckily!

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5 Days to Switzerland with DHL

Today I receive my package and my product works very well. 5 days to Switzerland, my son loves it much

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I will tested RCM Loader soon

Thank you very much, I received my package today in a very timely manner and will come to you for any other related purchase.

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The best customer service

The site takes a little longer to process the payment, and shipped my order out after I make the payment. So others, if you have payment problems with them, send them an email.

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