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  • 8GB SD Card
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Play Games 3DS and DS Games
Timebomb Without timebomb

Attention: The Official site has closed, if you want to play Nintendo DS and 3DS games, we recommend you choose Sky3ds+ and R4i SDHC 3DS RTS. Buy these cards we can offer 8$ voucher code.

Function list


Supports and works on Nintendo 3DS XL (LL)/ NEW 3DS XL (LL) / 2DS / NEW 2DS XL (LL) from any region with any firmware.

Support 3DS System versions up to 11.13.0 U/E/J/ and more! 11.13.0-45 released, only for EUR 3DS consoles, other 3DS stays on V11.13-45.

Play 3DS/DS games natively, without using any exploit.

Work on any 2DS&3DS variant to support 3DS CFW.

Supports 3DS exploits Ninjhax 2.9/ Freayhax /RPwnG to run Homebrews on 3DS.

Updatable to support new features or bypass possible 3DS patch.

In the DS Mode, you have a GUI Menu

Simply plug it in and play. No complicated process for loading or storing files or messing around with difficult steps.


Firmware and Manual


Stargate 3ds doesn't need a firmware to play 3ds games, if you only want to use it for playing 3ds games, just download .3ds games to your sd card, then insert the sd card to stargate 3ds, plug the stargate 3ds to your console, that's all for stargate 3ds game play guide.

To setup Stargate 3ds for playing ds games, you need to download the “system files” unzip the file, copy all the contents in the new folder to your sd card root directory, then also drag .nds roms to the sd card root folder, now insert sd card to Stargate 3ds, put the flashcard to your console slot, pres the 2 buttons on your card, you will see the DS mode icon, so you can play ds games now.

Or you want to use the Stargate 3ds for 3DS CFW, here is a manual for you to follow, plus the Skin Manual is available , you can also find a video tutorial to install skins by clicking

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after 24 hours I got my tracking number

Days, I have it.i Thank you very much! Awesome!

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thanks for the PayPal guide

At first, I can't pay successfully. I finally paid with Paypal.

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Best card to play NDS and 3DS game card

I have tested the staragte 3ds on my 3ds, 3ds game rom and nds game rom works well on it, so ncie price and card.

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The price is cheapest

Really big discount!!, only the stargate 3ds can play ds and 3ds games, so nice, your price is the cheapest! 3 days received, fast delivery, I will share the product with my friends

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Perfect card!

Already send you payment via PayPal, please when you get the card in stock and prepare to send it out, give me a notice if you can, thanks for the extra voucher code again!

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