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SX Lite for Switch Lite


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SX Lite modchip is to hack Nintendo Switch Lite. The SX Lite will be released at the some time in 2020, you can pre-ordered from our site with a placeholder price.

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News: SX Lite has been able to hack Switch Lite

The price is pre-order price, NOT Full price, and detailed release date not clear, if you can not accept, please do not make the order! 

After payment, please join our Discord Server to receive the latest updates and news ofTeam Xecuter SX LITE modchip.

Do not buy If you don't want to wait(No Refund for Pre-order)

Since the new 'red box' Mariko units appeared, people have been asking when will it be possible to run CFW on it, well today MaxConsole was in touch with trusted TX reseller, that been given some advance news on a new solution that is coming soon, and that it infact works on all new Switch models, not just the 'patched' ones, but even the 'mariko', and 'lite' models as well, see below what they mentioned:

TX has recently taken the time to demonstrate to us some of their Work-In-Progress. Notably for 'patched' and 'mariko' units which is very advanced, and works flawlessly. We were not given a firm date or prices yet, but knowing TX we know the price will be very reasonable. We also saw early beta for Switch Lite console as well.


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I just pre-ordered on product for New Nintendo Switch, now I want to change it for Switch Lite, please help me to update it.

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remember send the tracking number to me

inform me when you ship it out, I need the tracking number

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